The Executive Board is the primary governing body of the Society.  It is comprised of nine officers including the President, Vice-president (President-elect), Past-president, Treasurer, Secretary, two Members-at-large, the Chair of the Future International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry, and the Chair of the Past International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry.  The bylaws of the society are available here.  Proposed bylaw revisions are available here.

Officers of the Executive Board

President:  Jerzy Weber

Vice-president:  Philippe Van Cappellen

Past-president:  Grant Ferris

Treasurer:  William Ghiorse

Secretary:  Annette Summers Engel

Member-at-large:  Phil Bennett

Member-at-large:  Irmina Cwielag-Piasecka

Future ISEB Chair:  Simon Apte

Past ISEB Chair:  Jadran Faganeli

The International Advisory Committee is the senior consultative body of the Society, reporting to the Executive Board.  Members of the International Advisory Committee are responsible for promoting the Society and setting guidelines for symposia, meetings, short courses, as well as publications and educational policies.

Members of the International Advisory Committee

2019 - Simon Apte (Australia), Phil Bennett (USA), Jacques Berthelin (France), Lian Bin (China), Doug Capone (USA), Chengrong Chen (Australia), Hailiang Dong (USA), Henry Ehrlich (USA), Jadran Faganeli (Slovenia), Jeremy Fein (USA), Grant Ferris (Canada), Danielle Fortin (Canada), Magdelena Frac (Poland), Geoffrey Gadd (UK), William Ghiorse (USA), Anna Gorbushina (Germany), Yuri Gorby (USA), Mark Hines (USA), Qiaoyun Huang (China), Kazuyuki Inubushi (Japan), Jens Kallmeyer (Germany), Fumio Kitajima (Japan), Goran Kniewald (Croatia), Corrine Leyval (France), Jon Lloyd (UK), Anvar Mamilov (Kazakhstan), Larry Millerr (USA), Ted Miano (Italy), Chris Omelon (USA), Ron Oremland (USA), John Parkes (UK), Vernon Phoenix (UK), Karsten Pedersen (Sweden), Jennifer Roberts (USA), Annette Summers Engel (USA), Philippe Van Cappellen (Canada), Jerzy Weber (Poland), Jenny Webster Brown (New Zealand), Chris Weisener (Canada), Lesley Warren (Canada), Boguslaw Wilkomirski (Poland) 

2021 - Marco Contin (Italy), Irmina Cwielag-Piasecka (Poland), Magdalena Debicka (Poland), Maria Dittrich (Canada), Roger Herbet (Sweden), Nives Ogrinc (Slovenia)