Everything going on with the International Society for Environmental Biogeochemistry!

Mission Statement

  • promotion of scientific knowldege of biogeochemistry and related fields through discussions, reports and publications.
  • Stimulation of scientific investigations, planning, organization and administration of biennial international symposia on biogeochemistry, as well as other meetings and publications for the advancement of scientific knowledge in this interdisciplinary field.

  • Improvement of education in biogeochemistry and related subjects.


Biennial Symposia

The first International Symposium on Environmental Biogecohemistry was held at Logan, Utah, USA, 22 to 24 March 1973.  Since then, symposia have taken place regularly every two years at different venues around the world.


Past Symposia

  • XXII     2015  Piran, Slovenia
  • XXI    2013  Wuhan, China
  • XX     2011  Istanbul, Turkey
  • XIX    2009  Hamburg, Germany
  • XVIII  2007  Taupo, New Zealand
  • XVII   2005  Jackson Hole, USA
  • XVI    2003  Oirase, Japan
  •  XV     2001  Wroclaw, Poland
  • XIV    1999  Huntsville, Canada
  • XIII    1997  Monopoli, Italy
  • XII     1995  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • XI      1993  Salamanca, Spain
  • X       1991  San Francisco, USA
  • IX      1989  Moscow, USSR
  • VIII    1987  Nancy, France
  • VII     1985  Rome, Italy
  • VI      1983  Santa Fe, USA
  • V       1981  Stockholm, Sweden
  • IV      1979  Canberra,  Australia
  • III      1977  Wolfenbüttel, W Germany
  • II       1975  Hamilton, Canada
  • I        1973  Logan, USA


The Executive Board is the primary governing body of the Society.  It is comprised of nine officers including the President, Vice-president (President-elect), Past-president, Treasurer, Secretary, two Members-at-large, the Chair of the Future International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry, and the Chair of the Past International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry.  The bylaws of the society are available here.

Officers of the Executive Board

President:  Philippe Van Cappellen

Vice-president:  Magadalena Frac

Past-president:  Jerzy Weber

Treasurer:  William Ghiorse

Secretary:  Annette Summers Engel

Member-at-large:  Qiaoyun Huang

Member-at-large:  Irmina Cwielag-Piasecka

Future ISEB Chair:  Jens Kallmeyer

Past ISEB Chair:  Simon Apte

The International Advisory Committee is the senior consultative body of the Society, reporting to the Executive Board.  Members of the International Advisory Committee are responsible for promoting the Society and setting guidelines for symposia, meetings, short courses, as well as publications and educational policies.

Members of the International Advisory Committee

2019 - Simon Apte (Australia), Phil Bennett (USA), Jacques Berthelin (France), Lian Bin (China), Doug Capone (USA), Chengrong Chen (Australia), Hailiang Dong (USA), Henry Ehrlich (USA), Jadran Faganeli (Slovenia), Jeremy Fein (USA), Grant Ferris (Canada), Danielle Fortin (Canada), Magdelena Frac (Poland), Geoffrey Gadd (UK), William Ghiorse (USA), Anna Gorbushina (Germany), Yuri Gorby (USA), Mark Hines (USA), Qiaoyun Huang (China), Kazuyuki Inubushi (Japan), Jens Kallmeyer (Germany), Fumio Kitajima (Japan), Goran Kniewald (Croatia), Corrine Leyval (France), Jon Lloyd (UK), Anvar Mamilov (Kazakhstan), Larry Millerr (USA), Ted Miano (Italy), Chris Omelon (USA), Ron Oremland (USA), Vernon Phoenix (UK), Karsten Pedersen (Sweden), Jennifer Roberts (USA), Annette Summers Engel (USA), Philippe Van Cappellen (Canada), Jerzy Weber (Poland), Jenny Webster Brown (New Zealand), Chris Weisener (Canada), Lesley Warren (Canada), Boguslaw Wilkomirski (Poland) 

2021 - Marco Contin (Italy), Irmina Cwielag-Piasecka (Poland), Magdalena Debicka (Poland), Maria Dittrich (Canada), Roger Herbert (Sweden), Nives Ogrinc (Slovenia)

2023 - Weiguo Chen (Japan), Ernest Chi Fru (UK), Alexandra Grazon-Garcia (Australia), Sarah Keenan (USA), Marek Matyjasik (USA), Mehran Rezaei Rashti (Australia), Talitha Santini (Australia)


ISEB 2017

The 23rd International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry (ISEB23) took place in September 2017 at Palm Cove in far north Queensland, Australia. The location, which is a perfect showcase of tropical Australia with the Great Barrier Reef and rainforests being within easy reach, is an obvious attraction for any environmental scientist.








Delegates at the 23rd ISEBat Palm Cove in far north Queensland, Australia.

ISEB 2015

The 22nd ISEB Symposium was held in Piran, Slovenia, September 28 to October 2, 2015.  Best oral presentation awards went to Noa Balaban (Isotopic fractionation during biogegradation of aliphatic flame retardants) and Kathleen Brannen-Donnelly (Evidence for functional niches and dominant carbon utilization pathways in an epigenic cave system).  Best poster presentations went to Swanne Gontharet (Influence of sedimentary environment on the occurrence of microbial mats at the marine mangrove surface sediments from Guadeloupe), Helena Kindlova (Arsenic rich speleothems, Mikulov, North Bohemia, Czech Republic: mineral phases, water and microbes), and the University of Warsaw geoeomicrobiology group comprised of Michal Karlicki, Agnieszka Bakowska, Robert Stasiuk, Agnieszka Wlodarczyk.

Group photo Skocjanske Cave Tour 30.9.2015


Participants at ISEB 21 in Wuhan, China.


Short Courses, Workshops, Research Colloquia

Microbe-Mineral Interactions

The 2012 short course on Microbe-Mineral Interactions: Molecular to Global Scale Processes was held along the Riviera Maya in Mexico.  There were over 75 participants from 14 countries in attendance.


Interfacial Phenomena Short Course and Research Colloquium

The 2014 ISEB short course and research colloquium on Interfacial Phenomena in Environmental Biogeochemistry concluded recently (November 16 to 21, 2014) at the Moon Palace Resort, Cancun, Mexico.  Sessions considered the fundamental chemistry, methods of investigation, and biogeochemical significance of interfacial processes in the global environment.  Research colloquium sessions showcaseed the interdisciplinary research activities among short course attendees.


Recommended Reading

ISEB 22 Special Volume on Biogeochemical Dynamics of Sediment-Water Systems: Processes and Modelling in the Journal of Soils and Sediments. Issue Editors: Nives Ogrinc and Jadran Faganeli

ISEB 21 Special Volume in the Geomicrobiology Journal Vol. 32 (7) 2015


ISEB 20 Special Volume on Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology of Cave Systems in the Geomicrobiology Journal  Vol. 31 (3) 2014 

Posdoctoral and Graduate Student Opportunities

Please forward job opportunity announcements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .